Erasing the historical ignomy of the Washington Capitals

Tonight isn’t about winning or losing, living or dying. It’s not about a game of inches nor is about the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor. It’s not about unleashing the fury while strumming a guitar. It’s about a team who’s only historical notations are losing when it matters most. The Caps have lost Game 7’s for […]


Are the Capitals better without Ovechkin?

For the ninth time this season the Washington Capitals took to the ice without Alexander Ovechkin last night against the Florida Panthers, and once more the Caps evolved into a new type of offensive team. Normally, when Ovechkin is in the game his line allows him first dibs on any shots that he has an […]


NHL suspends Alexander Ovechkin for 2 games.

In the daily events of things that happen, sometimes things happen that are totally, and impossible to comprehend. Late yesterday, the Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin was  suspended  for 2 games and fined for almost $250,000 in salary for his PUSH to the body of Brian Campbell. While the hit was hard, it wasn’t intentional, […]