Caps vs. Bruins: Getting the Jump on the Bear

We here at Rock the Red are big fans of the Boston Bruins’ ad campaign featuring a big, furry bear highlighting the rules of hockey. He’s pretty darn funny. In recent years, however, the same Bear has been poking fun at Bruins Playoff opponents ranging from the Flyers to the Lightning to the Canucks. We […]


NHL Playoffs: Requirements for A Backup Goalie

Well, it looks like the goaltending tandem of the Hershey Bears will be manning the pipes to start the 2012 NHL Playoffs for the Washington Capitals. With Braden Holtby and Dany Sabourin up with the big club in DC, the two will have to adjust to the faster game and higher intensity of play in […]


Dirty, Rotten Karl Alzner

When a man in a suit walks into a room wielding a Tupperware (or was it Rubbermaid?) container full of baked goods, everyone’s guard is instantly let down. When the lid is popped and cupcakes emerge, the assembly turns into my third grade classroom (hi Ms. Thomas!). In this Cake Love/Georgetown Cupcakes-mad town, there is […]


OV Day: The Day Alex Ovechkin Fell?

As fire and brimstone have engulfed the Washington Capitals dreams of postseason play and the boo birds have invaded Verizon Center like it’s Bodega Bay, many have begun questioning everything that isn’t working. Why can’t they score? Is Hunter the coach for this team? Did McPhee’s non-action at the trade deadline kill this team? Of […]


Washington Capitals: Anatomy of a 90-Foot Goal (Or Three)

Goalies always jump to conclusions. My defense has this guy. My skate is definitely against the post. I’m definitely not getting traded to Colorado. The puck is definitely in my glove. This guy is just trying to dump it in. It’s this last assumption that routinely gets goalies time on the “Not Top-Ten Plays” list.  […]


Do the Washingtopn Caps Practice Correctly?

With the massive disparity between the Home Team Washington Capitals and the Away Team Washington Capitals (see: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson), there is the temptation to attempt to understand just why this unit can be two teams at once. Are they used to their Sertas at home? […]


Bringing Kids to A Caps Game: The Binky

It was an innocent Sunday morning. My wife, my two year old son and I managed to sleep in a bit before heading down to Chinatown to grab brunch before the 12:30pm Caps game against the Boston Bruins on Super Bowl Sunday. After stuffing ourselves on cinnamon buns and breakfast pizzas, we headed over to […]


Brooks Laich’s Injury: A Top Ten List

    Top Ten things overheard at the Verizon Center as Brooks Laich hobbled back to the bench during yesterday’s Caps game against the Boston Bruins:   10. Somehow, Ovi’s gonna get suspended for this… 9. Do we start yelling ‘Ref you suck!” now, or wait a bit? 8. Damn. It’s hard enough stalking Green […]


Dennis Wideman and the NHL All Star Super Skills Competition

With news that Dennis Wideman has made the 2012 NHL All-Star team, talk has already begun about which event(s) Wideman will participate in during the NHL All-Star Super Skills Competition. We at Rock the Red have a few suggestions.   FASTEST SKATER You wouldn’t think of Dennis Wideman as a speedster, but there is always […]

Do the Washington Capitals Pass Too Much?

If you’ve been in the stands for a Caps game the last two seasons recently, you’ve probably heard many of your fellow fans yell one (or all) of the following, especially while the Caps are on the Power Play: SHOOT THE PUCK! OH COME ON! SHOOT IT! DAMN IT, SHOOOOOT! Clearly, fans think the team […]

Consequences of The Dale Hunter Coaching Era

The Dale Hunter Era, Part Deux begins tonight at Verizon Center as the former Washington Capitals team captain and all-around nice guy steps behind the bench for his former team. A lot has changed in Washington over the last few days, but behind the scenes even more consequences of the coaching switch are popping up […]

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

How do break up with a really, really great person who just isn’t right for you? It’s the hardest thing in the world. Even with the signs mounting, you still get along well enough. There isn’t anyone in particular that you’re interested in, you just know that, thinking long term, this isn’t right for you. […]

A Tale of Two Centers

Let’s take a look at two players. Both are around the same size, at 6’2” and just over 200 lbs. Both play center and both are well respected by their teammates and fans alike. Both are considered excellent two-way players, but only one of these guys is on the verge of becoming a superstar, has […]


What Did Ovechkin Say?

The hockey world is buzzing this morning about Alex Ovechkin’s perceived blow up near the end of regulation in last night’s come-from-behind victory over the Anaheim Ducks. After learning he wouldn’t be on the ice in the teams’ final (eventually successful) attempt to tie the game, Ovechkin sat down and looked more than unhappy. But […]