Growing Up With the Washington Capitals

I’ve finally figured it out. I now know why, when you look at the listed height of an NHL player, it always looks wrong. “There is no way that guy is six feet tall! On skates, maybe.” And you know what? Depending on the measurement device, you’d be right. For years, NHL teams have given […]

Would the Capitals Trade Mike Ribero’s Rights?

Unrestricted free agent Mark Streit was recently traded from the New York Islanders to the Philadelphia Flyers, allowing the Flyers to begin negotiating with him prior to the July 5th opening of NHL Free Agency. Philadelphia promptly signed the defenseman to a four-year deal. It’s a common occurrence; the Caps traded Dennis Wideman to Calgary […]

2013 NHL Draft Lottery

Call me a pessimist. I’ve already come to terms with the loss of another NHL season, with hopes that there will be compromise and agreement in time to salvage a 2013-2014 campaign. Thinking in that mode saves me from disappointment and allows me to think of story lines from this coming summer, including the 2013 […]

Ten Things We’re Missing Without Washington Capitals Hockey

Ten Things Ee’re Missing Without Caps Hockey 10. The inevitable debut of ‘Drum Guy’ at Caps games. Watching all these European games, it seems like every game is filled with a pounding drum and chanting. If that happens, I volunteer to become washboard guy. We’ll start a band! Now all we need is a harmonica […]


The NHL Lockout and Hockey Equipment

For a while this summer, there remained a shred of hope that a new NHL labor agreement would be signed and big league hockey would continue on-schedule. Preliminary scheduling of travel plans and booking of hotels was made. And in preparation for the opening of training camps, vast quantities of sticks, skates and other hockey […]


Introducing ’50 Shades of Red’, a Washington Capitals Comic Strip

In what I hope will become a weekly event, we here at Rock the Red present a new Washington Capitals comic strip, 50 Shades of Red. This isn’t going to be a philosophical humor strip like Calvin and Hobbes, or Doonesbury-type political satire, or even Tank McNamara sports humor. We’re poking fun at our beloved […]


Favorite Washington Capitals Role Guys

I hold a special place my heart for hockey history. Putting A Roof On Winter is one if my favorite non-fiction books (after The Game, of course) and the Legends Of Hockey Series is on my DVD shelf in the Caps-themed man-cave I call a basement. But the Caps are “My Team”, so I hold […]

A Lockout Alternative for Caps Fans

Every time there is an NHL work stoppage, several things seem to happen. Hardcore fans pine for the game. Casual fans constantly ask the hardcore fans for updates on when the lockout might end. Pretty much everyone else simply keeps watching football and basketball and could really care less. But while the players and ownership […]

Washington Capitals Coaches and the Lockout

“Congratulations guys! You’re now the new coaches for the Washington Capitals! You should start putting together your drills for training camp and thinking about line combinations. Oh, by the way… you don’t actually have a team to coach.” Imagine being on the top of the world, like Adam Oates has been. You were an assistant […]


John Carlson is a Spoil Sport

Thanks John. Thanks a lot. I was sitting at home, bored of watching re-airings of the 2010 IIHS World Junior Championship game, looking for a movie to watch. I’ve already seen every Pixar movie a dozen times, thanks to my 2 year old. I’ve already seen every romantic comedy, thanks to my wife. I’ve already […]


Fire At Historic Hersheypark Arena

A fire has been reported at the historic Hersheypark Arena in Hershey, PA. The four-alarm fire was first reported by around 1:30pm on July 5th with multiple sources indicating the fire originated in the arena’s overhead lights. Crews have been seen hosing down the roof of the 75-year old arena and additional reports have […]

A Big Day for Capitals Fans

The big day is near. With the end of June right around the corner, the day Caps fans have been eagerly waiting for is near. It’s going to be amazing. People will talk. Money will be spent. Lives will change. After June 30th, nothing will be the same around here. KARL ALZNER’S GETTING MARRIED! What, […]