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Rock the Brock: Heartless

Rock the Brock

Heartbroken Bears-The Hershey Bears took to the ice last Friday against the St. John’s Ice Caps and it looked like the OT loss in the AHL Outdoor Classic had broken their heart. Head Coach Mark French questioned the team’s work ethic and emotion in the post game press conference. He mentioned he was tired of the visiting team minus Hershey’s goalies getting the stars of the game at Giant Center. The score ended up as a 3-1 loss but to those who watched the display it was a much wider gap in play. Even with the game still very much in reach at 2-1 in the third period, the urgency shown by the Bears was pretty uninspiring to say the least. Saturday the Bears faced the Binghamton Senators in New York for the final game before the AHL All Star break. The Bears certainly woke up for this game and put 40 shots on the board. Hershey played evenly back and forth with the first place team in the Division for the entire game. So much that, the score stayed knotted at 2 all the way through regulation and OT. A shootout was needed to determine the winner. Dany Sabourin had not seen a shootout yet this year and all 3 Senators tallied while all 3 Bears failed to hit the twine. A hard fought one point was all the Bears could take home. This weekend the Bears will host Manchester and Wilkes Barre/Scranton. Hopefully the Bears can find their mojo.

Photo Courtesy of Carl Minieri.

Zach Hamill-A trade of fan favorite Chris Bourque to his hometown Bruins organization this past summer brought Zach Hamill to Chocolatetown. Since then Zach has quietly been putting up some nice numbers on the scoresheet but I don’t think anyone is be surprised by this. Zach leads the team in shots on goal with 84 while posting 11 goals and 11 assists in 40 games played this season. He is also among the team leaders with a +8 rating. Zach gets plenty of time on the ice working both the PP and PK. Zach isn’t the flashy forward type but he sure gets to the right spot on the ice to make the play. He is young but his example on the ice is something for everyone to take heed of.  

Star Wars Night in Binghamton, NY last Saturday.

Photo Courtesy of Just Sports Photography.

Game Promotions/Themes-The Hershey Bears are top notch when it comes to most things on and off the ice. I will have to say though that some of the game promotions they use are getting a little stale. This is not to say all of them need to go but a splash here and there of new blood would be nice.  I also feel that when we do have a themed night in Hershey that the in game experience lacks because it doesn’t reflect that promotion or theme. It is the same music/games/videos as any other night. Saturday I visited the Binghamton Senators and it turned out to be Star Wars Night. They were playing Star Wars music/videos, had over 20 people in costume to meet and take pictures with, selling lightsabers at $5 for charity, and even had Darth Vader do a ceremonial puck drop.  I understand Star Wars has a cult following and I am sure many die-hards were in the building but the theme really gave an added aura of excitement and fun to the game. I feel ideas such as this would help the overall experience at Giant Center. Giant Center giveaways have been pretty good, especially this year with the addition of the AHL Outdoor Classic snow globe. The uniqueness of the night ends at the door with the giveaway though. A “theme night” per say doesn’t have a ticket to a Giant Center game yet. I think if should. It might help sell some seats in the early part of the season when Giant Center isn’t typically sold out either. Just a suggestion for the box.

Go Bears.