Rock the Brock: Thanksgiving

[Ed. Note: Rock the Brock will be a reoccuring post from Brock Kerchner, co-host of the Old Barn Hockey Show on 1460 The Ticket in Harrisburg, PA featuring a weekly chat on all things Hershey Bears.]

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More of the same– I continue to repeat: I am thankful for Bears hockey. I am thankful for Bears hockey. Friday the chocolate and white headed to the CUSE to face the Crunch. The Bears were crunched. The Bears managed only 2 shots vs 18 in the first period. Holtby only played 36 minutes and stopped 24 of 28. Tokarski played a full 60 minutes for   Syracuse   and only faced 21 shots! The Bears need to turn the shot clocks around or it will be a long season. Saturday the Bears hosted the Baby Pens and went to 3-0 against them in this young season. The Bears started off the 4-1 win with a shorthanded penalty shot goal by Garret Mitchell. They followed with a goal awarded after a video replay and a goal scored with .4 seconds left in the second period, moments after one second was put back on the clock. The Bears held the Pens to 24 shots which seemed like a great victory on its own. Sunday the Crunch battled into Hershey and things looked even up for the first 2 periods but quick goals by the Crunch in the 3rdended hopes of Hershey’s 2 points. Connolly and Johnson combined for goals just 46 seconds apart in the 3rd to open up the game. The Crunch claimed the 5-3 victory with 25 shots. The Bears look to go 4-0 against the Baby Pens on Wednesday Night at the   Giant   Center  .

Red Rockers Revisited- I need to revisit this topic from 2 weeks ago. Shortly after I proclaimed I didn';t quite get the Red Rockers and whether they fit into the hockey atmosphere it was announced that they would be visiting   Reading  . I got an education. The Rockers are so much more then just cheerleaders at the games. They are the face of the team in the community. The outpouring of help for charities in the way of volunteering, fundraising, and more is incredible. I was more touched with their work at the   Reading   Hospital  . They shared puzzles with the kids and just had a great time with the admitted children. Kudos to the Rockers for being that good will ambassador to the community and sharing the game we love with all. Rock the Brock salutes you.

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Photo Courtesy of Carl Minieri

Alex Berry- Alex was sent down to the Reading Royals as one of the last cuts to the Bears roster before opening night.   Berry   had 2 goals in preseason but ended up starting this year’s campaign in the Purple and White. Alex is thankful to be playing at all though due to a hellacious injury suffered in a hit with former Hershey Bear Dean Arsene last preseason. He was left with an arm injury that included nerve damage, a dislocated wrist, and a severed artery. He sat out all last season and it appeared his move to   Reading   was to give him playing and conditioning time to get back in the game. It has certainly seemed to work. His call up last week from   Reading   for the injured Jon Kalinski has certainly provided a spark in the physical category whether it is with a check or a punch. Alex racked up 10 points in 13 games with   Reading and Bears fans will soon look for him to spark the scoresheet in Hershey.

Thankful for the AHL- This may seem like a stab at Capital fans who are hurting in the worst way for the game they love. It is not. I am very thankful for the Hershey Bears and the AHL. Otherwise I would also be with you in the depths of despair of the recent CBA negotiations and the length of the NHL lockout at present. I really miss the NHL but I am thankful for the hockey we do have. I would say, “Dave Andrews for NHL Commissioner” but I don’t want to lose him from the AHL. Honestly the players and owners need to come to terms. They need to sit in a room and talk to each other while looking Jack Jablonski in the eye as they argue. Jack isn’t playing the game because he can’t anymore. The reason the NHL isn’t playing is embarrassing. Get it done and be thankful for what you have. Don’t be a turkey. Count your blessings! I am very thankful to all of my readers here and the opportunity has given me. I hope you are starting to enjoy my style and random thoughts.

Puck Bunnies- Hershey is a small town that blooms with visitors almost year round due to the various Hershey attractions and events. It is a very conservative town, as much of Central Pennsylvania is. One thing has been brought to my attention while walking through the Giant Center recently. I am by NO means the Fashion Police BUT I do have a few things that need to be discussed.

1. A hockey jersey is not a dress or a T-Shirt. You don’t tuck it in your pants. You don’t wear it without something on the bottom.  I don’t car how big the jersey is and how small you are.  

2. Leggings with a hockey jersey should be used with caution. If you doubt it, Don’t wear it.

3. Stiletto heels are not good for a hockey game unless you can run up and down stairs in them without the assistance of an ambulance.  I see too many “almost accidents” with these.

4. At Saturday night’s game I saw a girl no older then 20 in Stiletto heels, a very tight short top, and shorts that barely covered the essentials.  I am talking shorts that had to be vacuum sealed to her body to wear them. It was a circus and she knew it. Her head was on a swivel just taking it all in.  Think more of yourself then this. Go stand out by the team bus and act like that. Not in the game. I am curious if this is seen around Verizon Center?  With the caliber of studs playing in DC, I can only imagine that the hunt is tuned way up.

Maybe I am just getting old and I totally understand that there are many male hockey fashion no-no’s as well. I just seriously needed to state my case. This is a hockey game not Studio 54.

Go Bears.