Rock the Brock: 75 Years of Chocolate

[Ed. Note: Rock the Brock will be a reoccuring post from Brock Kerchner, co-host of the Old Barn Hockey Show on 1460 The Ticket in Harrisburg, featuring a weekly chat on all things Hershey Bears]

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Bears Game 1 @Syracuse 4-3L:

The Bears took a lovely 4 hour stroll to the CUSE on Saturday to face a team made up of last year’s Calder Cup Champions. I thought they fared pretty well. A handful of times it looked like the beginning of a first date as you fumble with the silverware at dinner. Nervous and not sure what your counterpart will do or how they will react. They will learn these things over time and soon be able to predict their teammate’s moves. The Bears had plenty of bright spots: Holtby was sharp, the speed and offensive push were good, and the PK was strong. The PP didn’t end up on paper as strong as it looked on the ice. Give it time and let it gel a little. The one aspect the Bears could have controlled but didn’t were penalties. Some mindless infractions were committed and that is a dangerous game to play with the talent on Syracuse’s roster. All in all, the Bears had a good jump in the game after a long bus ride and opening ceremony in the CUSE.  Look for them to come back stronger this weekend, as they have 3 games to get into the swing of the 75th season.

Dynamic Duo:

Jon DiSalvatore and Jeff Taffe both recently came to Hershey from the Houston Aeros. Best friends on and off the ice they feed off of each other. I fell in love with DiSalvatore’s play while watching him in the 2011 Calder Cup Finals. He’s a LW who consistently plays his heart out. I was extremely happy this summer to hear of his signing.  I had seen Jeff Taffe in his days with the Wilkes Barre-Scranton Penguins, and was stoked for that one as well, as he always seemed to have pretty big games against the Bears.  Jon took 1G 1A away from Saturday’s game and Jeff matched him in points with 2A’s. Watch for these 2 to consistently produce and lead the Bears in points. Ryan Potulny was their linemate on Saturday, and it looks as though he will most certainly be in their company on the stats sheet.


[Editor’s Note:  Here’s where our Flyers’ fan gets his dig in]

Well if you were Alexander Ovechkin you might really like this lockout. When ESPN announced it would carry some KHL games they should have just been truthful. They should have said they would be carrying Ovechkin games. Number 8 as we know him (but apparently #32 in Russia) is getting plenty of coverage on the network. Alex has mentioned several times about possibly staying in the KHL for longer than this year though. We will see how the lockout shakes out.

75 Years of Hershey AHL Hockey:

1938: FDR creates the March of Dimes, Orson Welle’s War of the Worlds is broadcast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is released, the first Superman comic is released… and the Hershey Bears join the AHL. They have been recited as the Montreal Canadiens of the AHL or the New York Yankees of hockey: 11 Championships, 22 times in the Finals, 63 appearances in the playoffs. The Hershey Bears Hockey Club is just as well known as the town’s internationally famous milk chocolate. There is a reason why Doc Emrick could be the Hershey Chamber of Commerce President. He loves the passion of the team and fans in this small community. I am proud to have been a part of this tradition for the last 25 years and I am raising my family to be a part of it as well. The fans in Hershey are more like family and opposing teams can tell you for sure, Bears Fans knows the game of hockey. Hershey’s goal is to develop players for the NHL and what better way then by letting them be a part of Championship teams and long playoff runs as the benchmark.

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AHL Showcase:

There will be hockey at the Verizon Center this year. Let me say that again. There will be hockey at the Verizon Center this year. December 6th. Mark the date in your calendar. Now go buy tickets. The Bears will be in town to face the Norfolk Admirals. Maybe Holtby will get to setup his gear in his normal locker room stall from last year. You won’t have an excuse to miss this. Hockey in your backyard.

Don’t miss roll call; be there. Bueller… Bueller… 

Go Bears.