Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith roots for the Caps. Kinda.

Late last night as Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame act the Red Hot Chili Peppers were walking off the Verizon Center stage, drummer Chad Smith took to the microphone to proclaim “Hope the Capitals win the f***ing Cup!” Smith, who was born in Minnesota and lived in Michigan before moving to California in his late 20′s has been a Red Wings his whole life, and even played Goalie while growing up.

His comments might have been a bit misleading, however. In the interview on NHL Tonight from May 9th (below), Smith discusses that on this current tour the RHCP played in both Ottawa and Philadelphia before their teams were eliminated from this season’s Stanley Cup playoffs and called his band “the grim reaper of the teams” before adding “Game 7 is going to the Rangers… I hope the Rangers win” (~4:53). Smith then foretells of a Los Angeles Kings/New York Rangers final.

It is possible that his feelings could change in one day, or be caught up in the moment – even after predicting the Caps would win Game 6. Either way it’s okay Chad… especially if your double-speak was just a final attempt to gather parting cheers in DC, we still have the support of local DJ’s such as Chad Dukes and Elliot Segal, many area athletesPat Sajack, and of course Snoop Dogg’s mustache.