Pat Sajak, the Kings, and Stanley Cup heartbreak

[Ed. note: Rock the Red’s Jumping the Glass offers this letter on behalf of Washington Capitals fans everywhere who were as mortified as he in learning that Caps’ super supporter Pat Sajak was seen donning Los Angeles Kings’ gear during their Game 3 win at the Staples Center Monday night. He compared it to the time he learned the Easter Bunny didn’t exist.]

Dear Mr. Sajak,

As a life-long fan of The Wheel of Fortune (Wheel Watcher #00000032), I am horrified to see you sitting front-row at the Staples Center rocking the… black and silver!?

Et tu Pat?

Mr Sajak, I realize how hard it is to be a Caps fan and that with your ties to the Los Angeles area, it’s easy to grab onto the bumper of the Kings’ bandwagon. But for God’s sake, show a little loyalty!

We need you Alex Semin! …er…I mean Pat!

I’ve seen you proudly Rock the Red in good times and in bad. All I ask is that you continue to show your support when you Second Team is succeeding.

David Gregory wouldn’t do this to us! You’re pretty much rooting for the Flyers!

B_ _! (I’d like to buy an ‘O’)

Ok, who am I kidding. You should probably just go and cheer for a winner. It’s ok… we understand.

I wonder if Alex Trebek has a favorite hockey team…

-Caps Fans