Goaltender Scouting Reports: Capitals Development Camp

These scouting reports were compiled by Alex DeYoung based on practices and scrimmages on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sergei Kostenko
5’11, 187, Catches: Left
Born: 9/17/92 in Novokuznetsk, Russia
Drafted: 7th Round, 203rd overall, by Washington in 2012
Last Season: Played in Russia for Kuznetskie Medvedi of MHL (Russian development league)
Scouting Report:
Has a wide butterfly, sometimes leaves gap in his five hole.
He has great lateral movement and footwork
Doesn’t have a very aggressive stance, stays tall.
He seems very jet lagged.
He doesn’t go down into butterfly all the way, he leaves the leg of the side the shot isn’t on up.
It seems while he’s moving laterally, he follows the shooter and not the puck.

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Brandon Anderson
6’0, 163, Catches: Left
Born: 7/13/92 in Langley, British Columbia
Signed as a free agent
Last Season: Played for Brandon Wheat Kings of the WHL
Scouting Report:
He leaves his five-hole open because he doesn’t immediately snap together his back leg to his lead leg while butterfly sliding
He is squared to the shooter, but makes sure he knows where the pass is
He controls the puck well with his glove

Steffen Søberg
5’11, 176, Catches: Left
Born: 8/6/93 in Oslo, Norway
Drafted: 4th Round, 117th overall by Washington in 2011
Last Season: Played for Manglerud in Norway
Scouting Report:
Relies on posts to determine where he is
He likes to stay further back in crease
He bounces up when moving across crease
He has very fast reactions, uses powerful pushes in butterfly and relies on leading leg to get him there first
He watches and tracks the puck, tries to track the puck at all times
Drops into butterfly for everything within the circles and then reacts to it
He likes to control the puck and control any shots to his left with his glove instead of making little adjustment to center his body toward the puck
On big T-pushes and shuffles he lets his chest bounce up and leaves his five hole wide open for a few seconds with the way he adjusts his legs towards the puck
After a rebound he seemed like he was checking who was near him before following the puck
He checked what was around him before recovering from his butterfly during the rebound, then at the last second saw the shot coming from the middle and reacted to it by flaring out his left pad and stretching his leg out
When he slides he tends slide forward

Scott Darling
6’6, 230, Catches: Left
Born: 12/22/88 in Lemont, Illinois
Camp Invitee – Drafted: 6th Round, 153rd overall by Phoenix in 2007
Last Season: Played in SPHL, CHL, and ECHL
Scouting Report:
He has a very wide stance with his legs
He makes little adjustments to follow the puck
When transitioning from the post to a T-push, he opens his five hole
On his goal against, he slid towards the shooter just fine, but he over-adjusted when turning to get square to the shooter and left part of the net open to his left side, so the shooter just had to move right a little bit and shoot the puck before Darling squared to him again.
He goes in quick for a poke check

Brooks Ostergard
6’2, 190, Catches: Left
Born: 5/3/87 in Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Camp invitee
Last Season: Played for Robert Morris University (NCAA) and ECHL
Scouting Report:
Makes a quick recovery slide while in butterfly
He stays square to the puck
He’s quick to drop to butterfly
Homes far out of net and stays low
Talks to his defense and lets them know what they can’t see
Adjusts and turns during his butterfly slides to be able to push towards the puck
Very aggressive with his stance and wants to be square to the puck at all times, glove out
Comes very far out to cover the angle
He stays low in his stance
Makes very fast butterfly slides
He adjusts then slides
He makes sure to find the puck through the screen