Washington Capitals Game 4: The Second Intermission

Every time a team makes a miraculous comeback in a game, commentators openly ponder what was said during the intermission that led to the team’s recovery and eventual victory. Sometimes you get a Miracle, ‘Win one for the Gipper!” speech. Sometimes you get players yelling and swearing. Sometimes it’s much calmer and less ‘rah rah’ than you might imagine.


So, without further ado, some things that were said in the Washington Capitals’ locker room at Madison Square Garden during the Second intermission of Game 4.


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Bruce: “Ok guys, what the *bleep* was that *bleep bleep bleep*!!??”
Alzner: “Carlson did it.”
Carlson: “It was an honest mistake! I though Gaborik died by the back post! He hasn’t done anything in a month!”
Chimera: “Don’t worry… I’ll show that guy the meaning of ‘tap in’.”


Arnott: “Listen up, Johansson.”
MoJo: “Yes?”
Arnott: “Score two goals, or I punch a kitten.”
MoJo: “NOOOOO!! Not a kitten!!”

Bruce: “Normally I’d come in here and yell and scream and drop F-bombs till the Zam got off the ice. Instead… RUBBER BABY BUGGY BUMPERS!!! Didn’t think I’d say that, did you!?”
Gordon: “There goes Coach, quoting Last Action Hero again…”
Semin: “I can do too!!! ‘I be back’ See! I good at voices!”
Ovi: “Shut up Sasha. Always with the Arnold. That’s why ESPN told you to stay home for commercial shoot.”

Fehr: “You’re right coach. This locker room sucks! It’s right up there with the crappy press boxes.”

Varlamov: “Hey Neuvy.”
Neuvirth: “Yeah?”
Varly: “No pressure, but last time this happened, I come in and save day. Actually, that happen last two times. HAHA.”
Neuvirth: (Hello Kitty Death Stare)

Laich: “Ok guys, we need to step it up. McPhee is out in the hallway with one of his ‘trade something or fire something’ looks and coach isn’t handling it so well.
Bruce: (Sits in the corner, nomming a pint of Haagen Dazs Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream)