Washington Capitals Forgiveness

Thinking back to my childhood, there are quite a few memories associated with being a fan of the Washington Capitals. My first live hockey game, sitting on the glass against the Rangers, meeting Olie Kolzig when he was in the minors, being upset when Mike Gartner was traded. But there is one memory that has lingered all these years simply because it happened in the playoffs. Unfortunately, it’s not a good memory. So, after all these years, I’m finally ready to give in.

Pat LaFontaine, I forgive you.

There is nothing like going to overtime in Game 7 of a playoff series. It shows that the two teams are as even can be. As a fan of the losing team, there is no ‘coming to terms’ before the final horn. It’s just over. So enduring three full overtimes (and part of a 4th) before that moment is especially heartbreaking. For years, despite his amazing skill and the gentlemanly way he played the game, I could never get past that one goal. I hated Pat LaFontaine.

But recently, my Washington Capitals Fandom has been in a forgiving mood. Hate is an intensely negative thing and when it’s carried along for the ride no good can come of it. Now that the playoffs are at our doorstep, it’s time for me to excuse the injustices of the past. To forgive and forget. I’m hoping for a bit of Karmic redemption in the form of a long playoff run.

Kevin, it’s going to take more than just forgiving Pat LaFontaine for that to happen.

Oh, ok. Here’s the list of everything else I’m forgiving for the playoffs:

  • Scott Stevens, I forgive you for leaving even though we all know the Caps win a Cup if you stay.
  • Esa Tikkannen, I forgive you for missing an open net, even though we all know the series would have turned with a win.
  • Abe Pollin, I forgive you for treating my beloved Caps like a stepchild, even though we all know they were better than the Bullets/Wizards.
  • Caps GMs, I forgive you for every draft in which the Caps’ pick was surpassed by the player picked directly after him.
  • GMGM specifically, I forgive you for ever allowing Matt Cooke to put on Caps’ red.
  • Caps marketing, I forgive you for moving away from red, white and blue jerseys for so long.
  • Jason Doig, I forgive you staring at Martin St. Louis instead of defending him. You were, afterall, just Jason Doig.
  • Jaromir Jagr, I forgive you for not really caring while you were in a Caps uniform.
  • Mike Milbury, I forgive you for calling my team the ‘Crapitals’ on national TV even though we all know you’d love to have a job with the team.
  • Varly, I forgive you for for changing you number after I invest in a #40 jersey. This guy, probably not so much…
  • Fellow Caps Fans, I forgive you for contributing the largest number of jersey fouls in the world universe.
  • Joffrey Lupul… no, I’ll never forgive you.

So Caps Fans, what Caps Injustices can you forgive in exchange for a long playoff run?