Tweeting through the Capitals’ history

Earlier this month, former Capital Craig Laughlin joined the likes of current Capitals Karl Alzner, John Carlson, John Erskine, Eric Fehr, and Mike Green on twitter.  I, for one, was extremely excited, as this blog is huge fan of Locker – so much so that he’s inspired a tee shirt and even a drinking game. But it got us thinking: Since we love twitter as much as the next guy, the brilliant minds behind RtR tried to imagine what it would be like if some of our favorite Capitals of years’ past had the ability to tweet while in their prime.  The answer, after the jump.

Viva la interwebs!

Larry Murphy-
**Woop woop! What’s up Tweeps!?
**Woop woop! I’m heading to Beefsteak Charlies!
**Woop woop! I just got traded. Fun times with the Caps. I hope the fans remember me.
**Oh… yeah, they do.
**Seriously!? Every time I touch the puck!?

Joe Lundrigan-
** Playing in 1st game for new franchise! Here’s to the start to a long, successful NHL career. I’ll be sure to tweet after every game!
** (has not been online since October 1974)

Dino Ciccarelli-
** Picking up the newspaper was a lot easier in Minnesota
** About to go on a limo ride!
** FWIW, I do not recommend Washington Limo Service

Joe Juneau-
** Okay, changing my number. Am I the only one who didn’t get the whole “Alaska is the 49th state, & it’s capital is Juneau” thing? LMAO
** Seriously I’ve had enough about the missed shot. Who goes to triple overtime anyway?!
** Hockey player by day, drummer by night! Yes I know, hockey games are at night but I have the degree in Aeronautical Engineering so you should listen to me.
** So apparently people didnt like my rockstar Upper Deck cards. Maybe if I take a picture my dogs, I’ll reel them back in!

Jim Carey-
** First team all star AND Vezina trophy winner? The Caps are going to want me here forever!
** Change of address for any fan mail: 100 Legends Way, Boston MA 02114

Donald Brashear-
** Man this press box is comfy.
** Got in a fight today.
** Back in the press box again. Good thing I stocked up on suits and ties – and hey! free popcorn!
** Got in a fight.
** Got in a fight again.
** Is it bad when they embroider your name on a chair?

[Ed. Note: The offer still stands, we would be more than happy to send Laughlin or Beninati a copy of the TRUTH shirt if they were interested as a thank you.]