Top Ten Reazons Olie Kolzig Is Back In DC

Many Caps fans are rejoicing this morning at the news that former Washington Capitals goaltender (and fan favorite) Olaf Kolzig is rejoining the team as associate goaltending coach. In the years since his departure, there has been a lack of stability at the goaltending position in DC with five netminders sharing starting time since 2008. On a more personal level, the fans never felt it was right to have Kolzig’s last game at Verizon Center come in a Lightning jersey. Finally, Olie the Goalie is back home.


Top ten reasons Olie Kolzig is back with the Washington Capitals, after the jump.


1. Olie wanted to break out his old Skipjacks jersey during the Baltimore Hockey Classic. Those things were sweet.

2. Watching the Caps last season, it was clear that Michael Neuvirth needed a little less ‘Hello Kitty’ and a little more ‘Smashing the Goal Stick’.

3. With Brett Leonhardt gone, there was an opening for ‘back-up emergency practice goalie’. No offense to Brett, but this guy will probably stop more pucks.

4. If Marco Sturm is resigned, Kolzig will get the opportunity to speak German again. He’s been so lonely for so long…

5. “I’m on the inside. Now GMGM and BB will pay for what they did to me. VIVA LA GLEN HANLON! Bwahahaha!”

6. Sometimes you need to remind people that just because you played for Tampa and Toronto doesn’t mean you sucked.

7. Kolzig thinks he has a real chance to get a Cup ring while coaching this team’s goalies. Sometime in April, he’ll remember that he’s employed by the Caps.

8. As a strong supporter of community service, Kolzig realized that unless you’re volunteering to clean up after the Canucks’ Cup loss, there aren’t a lot of community service opportunities in British Columbia.

9. “You know what I miss? Getting hit in the helmet with Ovi’s shots in practice…”

10. It’s easier to sneak into the rafters at Verizon Center when you have a key to the building.


Welcome back Olie. We’ve missed you. Now get to work.