Top 10 reasons you know the Caps’ season has begun

Whether it’s noting the changing of the colors of your neighborhood leaves, tasty Octoberfest beers hitting the shelves, or embarking on your quest for Fantasy Hockey greatness by leading “Everyday I’m Byfuglien” to the league championship, every fan recognizes the start to a new season a different way. We here at Rock the Red have compiled a cornucopia of the top 10 conclusions you might have reached in knowing the Capitals are back in action. Feel free to add your own in the comments section below!

Honorable Mention: You change your email signature to read “Good morning, good afternoon, and good night!” instead of “sincerely.”

10. You find yourself instantly craving wings every game night.
9. Versus finds its way back onto your “favorites” channel list.
8. Ballston is suddenly cluttered with flat-tired cars.
7. You have to take time to explain to casual fan friend that “No, Arnott isn’t playing Defense now” and that a faster, more skilled Brashear didn’t re-sign with the team.
6. The new bartenders at Bar Louie start to know you by name.
5. If your significant other asks how much longer dinner will be, you reply that there is “One minute… one minute remaining.”
4. You see triplets… everywhere.
3. No matter what the location, hearing three noises in succession makes you yell LET’S GO CAPS.
2. Words like “kabong” and “coconada” make their way into your vernacular.
1. Not one week into the season, you can find yourself amongst a massive Goaltender debate.