Three Stars of the Week: January 7 – 13

[Ed. Note: In this new post series, we anoint three stars to the top performers in the Capitals and Bears organizations for their performance over the last week. Feel free to agree, disagree, or submit your own in our comments section.]

1st Star: Andrew Gordon, Bears RW

2 goals on 3 shots in Friday’s match up in Manitoba (including the GWG with 24 seconds left in regulation) to help the Bears defeat the Moose in Winnipeg 4–3.  Gordon was also named a starting player for  AHL All-Star Game this week. Also delivered one of the funniest tweets by a player in a while.

2nd Star: Carlzner, Capitals D Pairing

They’re playing big minutes against big lines, getting tons of PK time and rarely ever on the ice for goals against (or a mistake). When you start comparing them to the way the rest of the D are playing and they look that much better. Two other big perks this week: the tandem are both of legal age to drink now, and Carlson has seen increased time on the Power Play.

3rd Star: Marcus Johansson, Capitals C

With more time on NHL ice, his confidence with the puck while going full speed through traffic have increased drastically. The last couple games, while he’s had some issues defensively, he’s looking faster and slicker than he has all season. Playing time on the second line and a near hat trick during Saturday’s game shows that MoJo is beginning to reap his rewards as well.

Honorable Mentions: 

Scott Hannan: The only player I know that wins a fight by taking two punches to the face, and not being able to retaliate.

John Walton: His play-by-play calls are among the best in the business, and when the Bears are 1500 miles away and the games aren’t televised (and the AHL live feed is experiencing “technical difficulties”, having someone who can describe the game so vividly while keeping pace with the play is a major asset to the Hershey faithful.

Alex Ovechkin: Albeit -2 last night, Ovie seems to be more “Ovie-like” over the past week scoring the game winner on the 8th, and tallying 2 assists and 8 hits this past week.

Steve Pinizzotto: Scored the first goal of the game Friday in Manitoba for the Bears’ 4-3 victory over the Moose as well as 1 goal and 1 assist in Saturday’s losing effort in the 2nd part of the 2 game stand in Winnipeg.

Dave Steckel: For his hit during the Winter Classic. I know it was last week, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving (not that I enjoy seeing players get concussed).