The Alex Ovechkin Injury

In a sign of the state of the team, when the Washington Capitals announced on Monday that captain Alex Ovechkin would miss 7-10 days with an undisclosed injury, many Caps fans shrugged off the injury as simply “resting before the playoffs.”  But as is common in the NHL at this time of year, the term ‘undisclosed’ always has people asking “what’s wrong with him?”  Is it a leg or a shoulder or a wrist or a groin? Chances are, we’ll find out after the playoffs.  ‘Til then, we’re left to conjecture.

After the break, the real reasons Alex Ovechkin will be out of the Washinton Capitals line-up for 7-10 days.

  • With only nine games remaining (including last night’s win in Philly), the only milestones Ovechkin can reasonably reach are 30 goals and 50 assists. Wait… the Caps play Florida twice, along with Toronto and Ottawa? Make that 40 goals…
  • Taking lessons on ‘how to be a leader’, Ovechkin needs the time off to follow the also-sidelined Jason Arnott around like a puppy. A very large, occasionally mean, badass Russian puppy.
  • Ovi saw that the the Caps were playing the Ottawa Senators and figured he must be injured and on a rehab assignment, since he was slated to play against AHLers.
  • Now that Sidney Crosby is nearly back, Ovechkin decided to rest his back. Having the weight of the hockey world on his shoulders got pretty tiring.
  • Ovi has been so busy planning Michal Neuvirth’s 23rd birthday party that he forgot to shave. Did you know that Jeff Gillooly is employed by Gillette? (Oh, and Happy Birthday Neuvy!)
  • Nick Backstrom: “It was great. I got to rest and relax, catch up on some shows I DVR’d and the sponge baths were awesome.” All of a sudden, Ovie is ‘injured’ too…
  • Ovechkin’s last game was against the New Jersey Devils. Since Steckel didn’t play for NJ that game, he made sure to “run into” Ovie after the game.