Sasha vs. Sasha: Ovechkin and Semin Rock the Playoffs

In Game 1 of the Washington Capitals’ 1st round Stanley Cup Playoff match-up with the New York Rangers, the team jumped onto the backs of two guys named Alex and told them to do their thing. With totally dissimilar goals, Alex Ovechkin and Alex Semin stole a win from the Rangers’ hands and gave the Caps a 1-0 lead in their best-of-seven series. But which Sasha played the better game?

It’s time for Sasha vs. Sasha: Game 1 Edition!!! 

  • Based on my calculations, Alex Semin’s game winning OT goal came from a distance of about 36 feet and hit the top corner at just over 90 miles per hour. For comparison’s sake, that’s like trying to catch a major league baseball pitcher throwing high heat from closer than a little league mound. Just ask the Rangers’ Chris Drury… he played little league ball. Meanwhile, Alex Ovechkin put the puck in from just over 6 inches away. That’s like a golfer trying to make a short putt. And it took him 4 or 5 whacks to do so. Weak Sasha Major, weak. You’re five over par. Advantage: Semin


  • Both Sashas received minor penalties for stick work: Semin for hooking and Ovechkin for a high stick. One game, two Sasha penalties. Why can’t you be good boys like Matt Bradley? He only had 9 minor penalties all season (and took the other guy with him on two of those). Advantage: Push

  • Ovechkin hit Rangers players six times. Alex Semin hit a crossbar. Did you know hitting the post doesn’t count as a shot on goal? It never happened Sasha Minor. You may as well have shot it directly into the stands. Again. Advantage: Ovi

  • Interestingly, the NHL lists Ovechkin’s name as ‘Alex’ while Semin gets his full name of ‘Alexander’. Should we start calling them ‘Sash’ and ‘Sasha’ accordingly? Advantage: Who Cares?

We’ll call this one in favor of Sasha Semin since his goal didn’t require video replay to count (unless a replay guy in Toronto said ‘Rewind that! That was awesome!’) We’ll see if the Sashas can keep this up in Game 2 on Friday.