Pauly D and Ovechkin Caption Contest


Pauly D, of MTV’s Jersey Shore fame, is not, apparently, a Devil’s fan. I know who Pauly D is, by the way, because my wife (like most of the civilized world) tunes in each week to watch Mr. Blow-out and the rest of the GTL crew make asses of themselves on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, NJ. I guess the Jersey Shore bunch is between seasons at the moment in preparation for next season’s assault on the motherland, so this weekend, while “The Situation” was getting booed off stage at a “celebrity” roast of someone-or-other and “J-Woww” was likely trying to encourage stop her ex-boyfriend from releasing incriminating photos of her to the press, Pauly D was kickin’ it in Washington DC at a Caps game.

 Caption Contest Time!!


What’s Pauly D saying? Leave your best guess in the comments and we’ll pick a winner on Friday. First place prize is your choice of t-shirts from the RockTheRed Merch shop. Second place is you’re fired. Pauly D sez “Always Be Closing”!!

To get the creative juices flowing, let me present a conversation that took place virtually between the two besties over the weekend:

Ovechkin: “DJPaulyD going to the game tom…he gonna scream let’s go caps!aaahhaha”

Pauly D: “Going To Support My Main Homie @ovi8 @ The Caps Game Right Now,”

Ovechkin: “Beat That Beat Up!!! My boy PaulyD is the BEST!!!!!”