Ovie: The Flowchart

It should come as no surprise to Caps fans that this has been an ‘off’ season for Alex Ovechkin. Through 44 games, Ovie has only put the puck in the net 15 times and remains second on the team in goal scoring to a player who hasn’t scored since November 28th.

Everyone has their theories as to why Ovechkin isn’t scoring. He’s injured. He’s saving himself for the playoffs. He’s scared of being suspended again. Teams know how to defend him. In times like these, I find it’s sometimes beneficial to break down every possible scenario to see if anything jumps out. In this case, what happens when Ovie gets the puck these days?

It’s time for a handy flowchart!


So what have we learned? The three most important boxes are missing from the flowchart: ‘scores goal’, ‘kisses glove & points to sky’ and ‘jumps against the glass’. Hopefully Ovie is simply saving all his goals for the playoffs.