My Power Play Sucks Drinking Game

During the recent discussions about  the Capitals’ Power Play inefficiencies this season, Caps fan extraordinaire The Horn Guy reached out to us. See, Sam knows we are big fans of puck sodas during sporting events, having often dabbled with the Joe Beninati/Craig Laughlin Drinking Game, and thought we’d be interested in adding a new game to our repertoire. The rules are simple, and will help you to forget that the Caps’ PP is currently ranked below teams like the New York Islanders and Ottawa Senators:

Take one drink when your team is on the PP and:
– A shot from the point missed the net
– Your team completes three passes without a shot
– Your team goes offsie and the play is whistled down
– The puck is cleared by the defense
– Your team’s PP ends without a goal
Take two drinks when your team is on the PP and:
– The other team gets an odd-man rush
– The other team’s goalie clears the puck
– A penalty is called on your team, ending the PP
Take three drinks when the other team scores a shorty.