Matt Bradley Interview: Arlington Planetarium & Stitches

Washington Capitals right winger Matt Bradley joined the team in 2005 and quickly became the team’s best known philanthropist when he started the team’s recycling program.  He has continued his efforts to protect the environment by starting a recycling program at Westland Middle School, and even National Geographic is following his efforts.  Bradley also has his own segment as “The Professor” on the weekly TV program, Caps Red Line on Comcast SportsNet.

Earlier this month, Rock the Red ran a story about Bradley supporting Save the Arlington Planetarium.  We had the chance to catch up with Matt about the planetarium and a few other things, including his brand new black eye and stitches.

Read the Professor’s Interview!

Rock the Red:  What caught your interest about Arlington’s Planetarium?
-I think it’s a great thing for kids go there and learn about that.  For me, it was a no brainer to support that.

Rock the Red:  What has been the coolest scientific fact you have learned in your role as “The Professor” on Caps Red Line?
-Well, like you said, I’m The Professor, I already knew everything, so I didn’t really learn anything. [smiles]
No, actually, it’s neat to learn some of the facts behind it. The hitting one I did last year, how much power that’s in a hit, was a pretty neat thing to learn.  It’s all pretty cool stuff.

Rock the Red:  How is Marco Sturm doing here compared to what you remember from him when you played together in San Jose?
-The same way.  He’s obviously a great skater and he’s been kinda snakebitten around the net, so it was good to see him get a goal last game and hopefully that’ll get him on a little bit of a roll, because he can definitely score goals, too. 

Not Rock the Red:  What happened to your eye?
-I got hit in a fight here [points] and I got hit with a puck in the eye at the end of the Montreal game.  It looks worse than it is.

Not Rock the Red:  Does it scare your kid?
-No, I already did that before.

Not Rock the Red:  Even with all the injuries, you had a good road trip.  What’s the feeling now that Alex and the others are supposed to be coming back?
-I think we’re obviously always better with those guys in the lineup.  When they’re not, guys have to step up, we still have to get the job done, which we did for the most part.  It’s a good sign when you’re missing your best player and you can still get some wins. 

Not Rock the Red:  You had a 4-2 road trip.  Any time you go over .500 on a road trip you’ve gotta be pleased with that.
-Yeah.  Bruce talked about it before the Montreal game.  If we’re 4-2, on a tough road trip because we played some tough teams, it would definitely be good.  I thought we played a great game against Montreal and came home happy. 

Not Rock the Red:  Were you guys aware going in Montreal had not been shut out 3 straight times since 1949?
-No I didn’t know that, this is actually the first time I’ve heard of it.  Obviously they have a very storied franchise, to get in the record books there for whatever reason is pretty neat.

Not Rock the Red:  You’re playing a desperate in Carolina, and on home ice. You haven’t played on home ice in over 2 weeks
-That’s something we want to establish again, people coming in and fearing playing in our building.   We’ve done pretty good of late, but we had a stretch that we weren’t playing very well at home.  To be successful, especially in the playoffs, you have to play well at home.

Not Rock the Red:  You guys have been consistent, 22 wins at home, 22 on the road.  That’s pretty good.
-Still, you want to be better at home, that’s where you want to play your best hockey.  Hopefully we can start doing that at the end of the year here.