Hockey During A Government Furlough

[Ed. Note – Re-posted from 2/25]

These are tense times in our Nation’s Capital. Looming just one week over the horizon, Congress is threatening to furlough Federal Government workers until a new budget can be ironed out. For many, the idea of missed paychecks and forced, unpaid vacations is a scary prospect, especially considering there is no timeline for resolution of the issues. This is no laughing matter.

So, for those Caps Fans that are also workers in the Federal Government, the idea of an unplanned week (or more) of vacation has opened up some otherwise unavailable options for great hockey activities.

  • Go to Kettler. Every day. Until they think you work there. Then find Perreault and tell him McPhee wants to see him.
  • Get a head start on a playoff beard without having to go through that annoying ‘boss wonders openly why you forgot to shave’ stage.
  • Take a trip to Florida for the week and catch two Caps games in the Sunshine State. Marvel at how many Rochester Americans are now skating for the Panthers.
  • Take a trip to New England and catch a couple Hershey Bears games. Or simply head to Hershey for a weekend doubleheader, drink a lot of Lagers and don’t worry about being hungover tired on Monday.
  • Take the kids skating during the day. Oh wait… they kids have school. Haha! Now they’ll know how you feel when they’re on summer vacation.
  • If you actually play, drop in at a 6am pick-up hockey session. All the ‘regulars’ will definitely not look at you funny, not talk behind your back and will definitely pass you the puck.
  • Marvel at how the Metro heading down for games is nearly empty.
  • Then realize you can now head down at 2pm, avoid rush hour fares and ‘Peak of the Peak’ pricing and down a few at your pub of choice before heading over for the game.
  • Peruse the Scarlet Caps website looking for spelling errors.
  • Watch all the late games on NHL Center Ice, go to bed at 3am, then rewatch a game on the NHL Network when you get up at 1pm.
  • Enjoy unmonitored parking at metered spots by the Verizon Center?