Gary Lawless haiku contest winner!

Had the entire RTR crew not gotten stuck at Home Depot last night in line for snow shovels, we’d have announced the Gary Lawless Haiku Contest winner during the game, like we said we would. But does our lack of punctuality make free t-shirts any less awesome? (Didn’t think so)


With a nepotistic stick tap to our own JTG for involving poop in his poetry (mmmm alliteration), and after consulting the rules to make sure that multiple entries wasn’t cause for disqualification…we’ve decided on the winner:

Little Gary yells

Runs his mouth without the facts

Leave hockey to men


Congratulations Chrysten!! Shoot a mailing address and the appropriate shirt size to and we’ll get your prize out the door!

Stay tuned for the next giveaway. And feast your eye-holes on the splendor that is the Gary Lawless Sux Hershey Heart t-shirt in the meantime. Chocolatey!!


@knxvil (left) and @Myssi315 (right) show their pride!