Consequences of The Dale Hunter Coaching Era

The Dale Hunter Era, Part Deux begins tonight at Verizon Center as the former Washington Capitals team captain and all-around nice guy steps behind the bench for his former team. A lot has changed in Washington over the last few days, but behind the scenes even more consequences of the coaching switch are popping up in and around the Caps’ locker room.

- Hunter will make Cody Eakin crank call Ron Hextall and ask if his refrigerator is running. When he says yes, Eakin has been told to respond ‘Well you better catch it before it runs through your 5-hole in OT of Game 7!’

- All banners featuring Hunters name, number or likeness will be removed from Kettler and the Verizon Center. New banners will be hung, emblazoned with just the number ‘3565’.

- Olie Kolzig will have to sit Hunter down to explain to him why yelling ‘Just put Bonzai on the top line!’ isn’t going to inspire confidence in his fellow coaches.

- Hunter will have to put Sergei Gonchar on his ‘blocked callers’ list.

- “ROOKIE! GET ME MY SOCKS!” will be directed at Jeff Halpern and not Dimitri Orlov.

- Alex Semin will really regret choosing this season to admit he understands and can speak English.

- Hunter will call Matt Hendricks into his office and ask a simple question: “Are we related?”

- The staring contests between Hunter and George McPhee will be EPIC, as will those between Hunter and the picture of Rod Langway inside Kettler.

- Karl Alzner will be overheard saying ‘I don’t know why, but coach said he wants me to grow a mullet, start smoking and get a Harley.”

- All sticks, water bottles and coolers will be bolted to the bench to avoid being inadvertently thrown onto the ice. Unfortunately, Roman Hamrlik and Jeff Schultz will not be.