Choosing your NHL All-Star Skills Participants

This Saturday, the NHL will hold its All-Star Game Super Skills Competition. For most some fans, the competition will be more interesting than the actual All-Star game and will almost certainly feature demonstrations of creativity that you’ll rarely see in a game situation, such as wearing a funny hat and glasses during a shootout. As different players are better at certain aspects of the game than others, we’re here to aid this year’s All-Star Captains in choosing who to select for which skills contests.

More, after we practice our triple deke…

  • If you pick Mike Green for the ‘Accuracy Shooting’ portion if the competition, be aware he’ll only aim at the top two corners.
  • Feel free to use Green in the fastest skater competition though. He’s not the fastest guy on the ice, but he sure is used to covering as much ground as possible while not staying in position.
  • Just because Patrick Elias is wearing a Devils jersey doesn’t mean he’ll fumble the puck away during the breakaway relay…
  • Pit Elias against Michael Grabner in fastest skater comp, allowing the winner to pick a new team to return to after the break.
  • Don’t accidentally pick Chara for the ‘fastest skater’ competition rather than the ‘hardest shot’ game. Unless, of course, you’re aiming for comedy.
  • Understand the worth of the rookies. For the ‘breakaway relay’, the kids can do things with the puck that the vets just wouldn’t try. Just don’t ask Seguin to do his ‘ping-pong ball trick’…
  • Tell Carey Price he’s sitting this one out. The whole thing. It’s for the best.
  • If you have Anze Kopitar, pick him for one of the first skills games. He pretty much disappears after the first half of the season competition.
  • How to win the Fastest Skater competition: 1) Find yourself an Ovechkin wig. 2) Put the wig and an Ovechkin jersey on Jason Chimera. 3) Choose ‘Ovechkin’ to skate.
  • Don’t choose Alex Ovechkin for the ‘One-Timer’ portion of the Skills Challenge Relay. Ovie is boycotting one-timers this season. And Power Play goals.
  • Do not select Duncan Keith for the Breakaway Challenge. He won’t think it’s funny that you’re eluding to his teeth and his jaw.
  • Sign the Sedin twins up for “fastest skater,” having them race head-to-head just so we finally know which brother is better, once and for all. Plus the trash talk would be epic… “I’m 3 minutes older!” “Dad likes me more!” “You skate like Forsberg!”
  • Tell Martin St. Louis he can compete in the accuracy competition, but only if he can get his stick from Chara’s outstretched arm.
  • The description for the ‘Passing’ portion of the relay reads: “Passer must complete a pass into each of the six nets”. Dan Boyle, you’re in.