Brooks Laich Likes T-shirt Contest


[Ed. Update – Congratulations to Kathi Weidman – winner of our “everybody likes Laich” t shirt contest!! Kathi – shoot us an email at and we’ll hook you up with your sweet, sweet shirt!]

You know that part at the end of “The Social Network” where Zuckerberg and my wife’s boyfriend that dude from Napster screw the kid with the sweet hairstyle out of billions of dollars by restructuring the company’s stock and diluting his ass into a 0.03% share?

So very not Brooks Laich of him.

But we like facebook. And we like Brooks. So this seemed like a natural evolution. Until the lawyers come knockin’.

Speaking of Facebook…we’ve been lazy about harassing all of the ‘fans’ we lost when we migrated pages. So we’re having a contest. Go here and ‘like’ our page. We’ll be selecting a new ‘fan’ at random on Friday who will become the proud owner of our new Laich/Like shirt.

Don’t forget…all of our proceeds from shirt sales go directly to Caps charities.