Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

How do break up with a really, really great person who just isn’t right for you? It’s the hardest thing in the world. Even with the signs mounting, you still get along well enough. There isn’t anyone in particular that you’re interested in, you just know that, thinking long term, this isn’t right for you.

When you were younger, things were great. You heard from some of your friends that you two would be perfect for each other and from the second you met, you just clicked. Sure, you were awkward together, as every new couple is, but things just felt right. Everyone knew you two would be together for the long-haul. Sure, there was that little argument you had just before summer vacation, but then you were ok again.

The following years only strengthened your relationship. As a couple, you were voted Homecoming King and Queen, won the three-legged race at the local fair and were the talk of the town. “They’re so good for each other!” everyone would say. And you were. Then there was that big fight, again right before summer vacation.

From then on, things were a little different. You were still great, but there were times you didn’t speak for a few days. Then the doubts began to creep up. First one of your friends says he thinks you guys should break up. Then another. “But we’re still doing great” you say. And you are. Right up until that now-inevitable pre-vacation fight that seems to happen around the same time every year.

So now it’s time. You need someone who brings out the best in you and this relationship isn’t going to do that. You know it’s for the best, but how do you tell someone you’ve grown to love that you just don’t work anymore? It’s not going to be easy. There will probably be tears, lots of them. But it’s for the best.

“Bruce, we need to talk…”