Braden Holtby Contest!

It’s no secret to the fans in Hershey that Braden Holtby’s got a bit of a rough side.  He’s been known to take matters into his own hands when his defensemen don’t clear his crease, and in recent seasons he’s taken his share of roughing, cross-checking, and slashing penalties in the AHL.

We here at Rock the Red have been fans of Holtby’s for quite some time, fueled in part by having been honored with guest post by the man himself, and feel his rough side could surface in the NHL soon.  In honor of his stellar performance Monday night (and his start tonight), we’ve come up with a contest.  The rules?  Simple.  Leave a comment telling us what type of penalty Holtby will first take -and in what period you think it’ll occur in (delay of game penalties don’t count) during tonight’s game.  If you guess correctly, you’ll become the envy of all of your friends as the proud owner of one our Holtby Moly shirts.  If he doesn’t take one tonight, we’ll roll the contest to his next start and continue to do so until it happens. Deal?