Angry Birds: NHL Ice Birds

In bit of ‘strike while the iron is hot’ cross-marketing, the NHL has announced that they have partnered with smartphone game developer Rovio Mobile to create “Angry Birds: NHL Ice Birds” featuring several NHL mascots. Fortunately, there are enough bird-themed NHL mascots to fill out the game’s roster.

The Washington Capitals’ own Slapshot makes an appearance, as does Thrash of the Atlanta Thrashers, Tommy Hawk of the Chicago Blackhawks and the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Iceburgh. In keeping with the traditional Angry Birds format, each bird will have its own, unique attack traits.




 More, after we pull back the slingshot.


-Slapshot will travel in a spiral, constantly shifting positions and will blow through wood, ice and stone but not defensemens’ shin pads. Sometimes he’ll be unstoppable and sometimes he won’t hit anything. When launched after Iceburgh, he will lock in on Penguins mascot’s position to get better NBC ratings. Rumor has it he has something called ‘The Eff Bomb’, but you can’t see it unless you get HBO.


-Iceburgh will dive into random areas and throw out a random elbow wing when he gets close. Afterwards, he can’t be launched again for the next 10 levels. Of course, he’ll whine about it.

-Thrash will turn into Tommy Hawk immediately after being launched but halfway through his flight, will turn back into Thrash and fall harmlessly to the ground.


-Tommy Hawk will sail off, dropping bags of money along his way to great success. In later rounds, the bags will depleted and he’ll have to fight for every inch of success.

As with the original Angry Birds game, the birds will be assigned to knock out evil pigs on each level. The role of the pig will, of course, be played by ‘Stormy’ of the Carolina Hurricanes.


I mean, look at him. You know you want to blow him up.