Alex Ovechkin and Charlie Sheen on Twitter

Twitter is a wonderful thing. In no time, the social network has managed to revolutionize how news is reported, how friends keep each other updated and how celebrities and sports figures connect with their fans.

On Tuesday, the world awakened to find that actor Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) had officially joined Twitter. Then, yesterday afternoon, the Washington Capitals’ own Alexander Ovechkin (@ovi8) decided to reconnect with his fans after a Twitter-hiatus and began Tweeting again . So far, both have managed to entertain their followers in no time.

Just in case you needed help distinguishing between Charlie the Actor and Alex the Sniper (Really? You did?), we’ve come up with a helpful list of their similarities and differences.

  • When Ovi tweets something about ‘scoring’, he’s not talking about women or drugs. Ok, maybe women.
  • Both are likely to tweet something about ‘Winning.’ Ovechkin will most likely be talking about a hockey game while Sheen will be talking about… well… who knows what he’s talking about any more.
  • Ovechkin Tweets pictures of great food while Sheen Tweets pictures of beverages.
  • One of Alex’s first Tweets was a picture taken during the All-Star Draft, of poor Phil Kessel as ‘last one picked’ . Even Charlie Sheen thought that one was pretty funny.
  • Sheen’s brother is Emilio Estevez, better known as Gordon Bombay from the Mighty Ducks movies. Estevez and Sheen were both in the movie Young Guns. Ovi is a Young Gun and also has a nasty triple deke. Just ask Nathan Lawson.
  • Ovechkin will add the hash tag ‘#Caps’ to tweets. Sheen will add ‘#Cops’.
  • Sheen is famous for his role on the CBS Sitcom, Two and a Half Men. The line combo of Ovechkin-Perreault-Knuble is also known as the ‘Two and a Half Men’ line.