2011 Ice Pack Hockey League Charity Golf Tournament

Hey Caps fans! This is Kim Hendricks, wife of Caps forward Matt Hendricks. Rock the Red has graciously allowed me to use the blog to post about a great event both Matt and I are excited to be part of.

Over the past year we have both been honored to help out a great organization called Defending the Blue Line. It was started in Minnesota, our home state, by National Guard members who wanted to help children of deployed military families afford the extremely high cost of playing hockey. After getting to know Shane, the head honcho at DTBL, we learned so much about the many great things this program does in our beloved state, we wanted to do anything we could to help them expand.

The 2011 Ice Pack Hockey League Charity Golf Tournament will take place in Rockville, MD, at Needwood Golf Course to benefit Defending the Blue Line. Aside from a great day of golf, and the usual shenanigans that occur at golf tournaments Wink, there will be great prizes such as tickets to Redskins and Capitals preseason games, as well as various other things including hockey gloves and rounds of golf. Matt will be golfing in the event as well, although I must admit he didn’t hit the golf course too many times this summer, his fishing rod was too hard to set down when he had some free time!

For more information on Defending the Blue Line, please visit the website at DefendingtheBlueLine.org. It really is a great organization that helps support 2 things we, and many of you, hold dear, our military and of course hockey!

For more information on the event and to sign up please visit http://defendingtheblueline.org/New-Events.html.

Thank you for all of the support you continue to give Matt and the Caps, and with camp about a month away, we’ll see you soon!

Go Caps!