Winter Classic Showcase Showdown

For many of us regular people, game shows are as close to fame as many of us can come. Wheel of Fortune. The Gong Show. Jeopardy. Household names that have given Average Joes their fifteen minutes. But no game show stands out as much as The Price Is Right. So it only makes sense that on December 20th, the NHL joins forces with the Bob Barker Drew Carey-helmed show to give real famous people a chance to win.

Yes kids, Ovie and Sid will be on The Price is Right. And Jeremy Roenick, too.

The Price Is Right

Ok, it looks as if the three will only serve as Barker Beauties, pimping an NHL Winter Classic–themed Showcase. But what if the three were allowed to participate as contestants?

More, after we spin the Big Wheel.

-During every opening bid, Ovie always bids $1 more than Sid, every time.

-While playing ‘Punch-A-Bunch’, Sid chooses to punch low in the middle.

-Roenick misses his putt during ‘Hole in One’. Ovie yells “I DID THAT! I’M SICK!”

-Ovie wins a car on ‘Money Game’ by selecting the numbers ’19’ and ’28’. He says he’s never heard of a ‘Dodge’.

-Ovie over bids on the ‘Showcase Showdown’, incorrectly thinking that all cars cost over $100k.

-Mike Milbury jumps on stage and yells “Trade it for what’s behind door #2! Trade it!”