Washington vs Pittsburgh in the 2011 Winter Classic

We’ve been talking for some time about rumors that the Washington Capitals would be a participant in next year’s Winter Classic…and those rumors have been confirmed. Merry Christmas to all! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to Rock The Red in the Washington area, as the game will be held at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. The league has given assurances however that the Caps will host the Winter Classic sometime in the next few years, which…my deductive mind has noodled, means the Caps are already queued up for a second appearance.

This will be the second appearance in the short history of Winter Classic for the Penguins, which I won’t even get into.

While I may not make it to the game, since I’m frightened of all Pennsylvania cities (and their fans), I may have to shell out some bucks for a replica of the Caps sweaters for the game. According to Mike Vogel, Reebok has already been working with the team to create a throwback jersey for the event. Maybe something with some stars across the chest?