Washington Dev Camp – Thoughts from Day 5

The morning drills of Day 5 were pretty standard, as hockey drills go. Four on Fours, half-ice scrimmage, shoot- out/breakaway drills.

  • Cameron Burt is as advertised – everything he does is done fast – yet he has some sort of precision that a lot of fast guys usually seem to lack. It’ll be interesting to see what he does with 2 more years of D1 College Hockey.
  • Anton Gustafsson looks to be getting more comfortable as the days go on. His goal over Dunn‘s shoulder in the shoot-out/breakaway drill was a thing of beauty.
  • Eakin with 1 year of Juniors to go looks more ready to move to the AHL than a lot of AHL players.
  • Ruel shoots bombs from the point. Inaccurate, yet hard.
  • Della Rovere looks strong in drills – not a stand-out, but strong. It will be interesting to see him in scrimmage action tomorrow.
  • Patrick Cullen buzzes. He’s everywhere, but in a controlled manner. He digs the puck out, follows the pass, & crashes the net. Could be valuable to the Chocolate & White.