Washington Capitals sponsorships abound!

It’s no secret that the Washington Capitals have become the hottest ticket in the Washington DC metro area. From selling out the Verizon Center for 52 straight games to hour long lines at meet and greets the Caps seemingly have been as successful off the ice as they are on: Alex Ovechkin can be spotted singing jingles for Eastern’s Motors and playing pick-up games of hockey in Verizon Wireless commercials; Mike Green never has to worry about car insurance or a Vitamin D deficincy; even Coach Bruce Boudreau is getting in on the action with Harvest Bank of Maryland and telling the viewing audience that Mercedez-Benz of Alexandria had him at no problem.

So what’s next? Who’s next? We’ll show you the latest Caps to ink sponsorships.. after the jump.

We spotted this advertisement for TRESemme while we were doing our daily surfing. Notice that star on the right?

So what’s that do for ol’ Game Over’s image? Does his rebellious tattoos counter his mango-and-avocado infused hairstyle? Instead of rock the ‘hawk will this season’s catch phrase be “Throw out the Blow out?”

Say it ain’t so Mikey, say it ain’t so.