Time To Panic!

My, how the mighty have fallen. Last season, the Washington Capitals took the league by storm, outscoring their opponents by 85 goals and winning the easily President’s Trophy. This season the Caps have struggled out of the gate to the tune of a 5-3-0 record, good for 4th place in the Conference. If the season ended today, the Caps would finish second in the Division to Tampa Bay! This is terrible!

Dude, they’ve played 8 games…

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Oh yeah, Tampa Bay will win the conference, Toronto will win its division and we’ll play the Islanders in the first round. The Islanders, who currently have more goals than the Caps!

Ok, yeah… but they’re the Islanders.

It’s finally happened. After last season’s eruption, the Caps got over-confident and didn’t make the upgrades they needed to make. You didn’t think the Islanders and Maple Leafs would be bad forever, did you?

Um, well actually…

We’re 8 games into the NHL season and already the wheels have fallen off the sports car. Pre-season talk of greatness has been replaced with questions about whether the Caps are even going to make the playoffs. “Something is wrong with the offense!” “Something is wrong with Alex Ovechkin/Nicklas Backstrom!” “Bruce Boudreau’s job is in jeopardy!” “Ovie isn’t a good leader!” We’re #8 in ESPNs Power Rankings!

Kevin, what’s wrong with you?

This season’s team is young. Alzner, Carlson and Johansson are starting their season in the NHL for the first time. Varly, Green, Poti and Bradley have already missed games due to injury. They’ve played Boston’s excellent defense twice already and learned that they’re back to being the Bruins team that won the Eastern Conference 2 seasons ago. Tim Thomas is back! Another hot goalie is going to ruin everything!

Something has to change! Moves must be made! Heads must roll!!!

Um, they called up Perreault. Does that count?

TRADE OVECH… wait, they called up Perreault?



I’m leaving now…