Three for Three: Washington Capitals Games 19-21

With one win, one loss and one shootout loss, the Caps managed their worst Three for Three record to date. It also wasn’t a good week for the Three for Three players selected for games 19, 20, and 21: Semyon Varlamov, DJ King and Tyler Sloan. Actually, that might be an understatement, with three total NHL games played between the three of them.

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Varlamov – When will we see #1 again?
Soon? Maybe?
While Varly didn’t manage to put in any NHL time these last three games, he did put in a couple rehab starts down on the farm in Hershey, going one and one. As well as Michal Neuvirth has played this season, the Caps really need Semyon to make his way back and eat up some minutes leading up the the playoffs. So far, we’re still waiting for that #1 on the back of Varly’s jersey to mean something.

King–  Do the Caps really need an inforcer?

Three games, three trips to the press box. Does that answer the question?

So far, King has only played 6 games (and none since November 9th) and had only two fights. While it’s nice to have a player as imposing as King to put into the line-up against tough teams, the Caps simply aren’t using him in those situations. And as long as players like John Erskine and Matt Hendricks are nearly getting Gordie Howe Hattricks, King will continue to sit. 

Sloan – With the Caps defensive corps contributing at both ends of the ice can Sloan solidify his spot in the line-up?
+1 combined against Buffalo and Philly isn’t bad. -4 against Atlanta, no time on spcial teams (3 seconds on the PK doesn’t count) and watching your ice time drop to under 10 minutes against the Flyers isn’t good. Really, Tom Poti’s injury is the only reason Sloan is seeing player time right now.

For games 22-24, we’ll take a look at Boyd Gordon, Jeff Schultz and Braden Holtby