The System Is Down

Good morning Caps Fans!!! It’s snowing! What a wonderful day.


Why is everyone looking so sad? Did the Skins lose again? Do you not like the snow? No? So why so glum?

Seven-to-nothing. This is horrible! This doesn’t happen! We’re doomed!

Oh, yeah… that. I wouldn’t worry if I were you. These things happen.


More, after we all stop freaking out.

Naah. Teams lose six in a row all the time. Did you know that since Coach Boudreau took over the head coaching job, only three teams haven’t lost six in a row: Montreal, the Rangers and Pittsburgh. And they’ve all lost five in a row a couple times.

Really? But seven-nothing!?

Did the Caps trade Ovie? Semin? Backstrom? Did all of our young talent instantly become busts? Did Boudreau stop dropping eff-bombs?


Then were fine. Look, the Caps aren’t scoring right now. Most of the team looks lost around the net and they’re making the opposing goalies all look like late ’90s Marty Brodeurs. Soon enough, pucks will find the net.

But what if they don’t?

Then things change. Ovie is fighting and Bruce is still getting red in the face. This team is still passionate about winning. When Boudreau looks at the tape of these games, he’ll see players that are battling. But too many players are trying to end this slide all on their own. The team isn’t playing well as a whole. Bruce is a smart coach. He won’t bag skate these guys next practice, he’ll remind them of their system; the one that helped them score tons of goals.

I guess…

No ‘I guess‘. This Caps team is still one of the most talented teams in the league. They’ll snap out of it. Besides, this is all just a clever bit of HBO scripting leading up to the Winter Classic anyway. It makes for better TV. I’m sure the NHL has something to do with all these losses.

Ok, now you just sound crazy…

As crazy as thinking the Caps are suddenly a bad team?