The Hershey Bears NHL11 Alternate Sweater

On September 7th, EA released it’s 20th NHL ice hockey simulator in NHL ’11. In addition to the over-hauled graphics showing breaking sticks and an improved face off system, the game boasts the ability to let you play as any collection of teams from the NHL, AHL, CHL, and European League teams. If you’re just like me (and apparently Mastro72 is), you race to see which alternate jerseys EA has elected to use for your favorite squads.

Modeling this seasons’ Hershey Bears throwback is Keith Aucoin, who looks quite intent on starting his quest for a third-straight Calder Cup. But why the “Skating Coco”? We’re not sure, but it is one of our favorites.
Following the jump, we will explore the Bears’ walk in closet to see which other wardrobe choices could have been selected. Since we’re no Donna Karan, tell us which you think should have been used in this years’ iteration. Aside from their Christmas exploits or leprechaun wear, of course.

And here we go: