The Great Zamboni Ponders: Tickets

Sometimes there is an enigma so deep that it overwhelms even the most knowledgeable Capitals hockey fan. And for these questions, we turn to the Great Zamboni – the power that has more answers than Google, and is more reliable than Dave Steckel in the face off circle (if that’s even possible). Even Chuck Norris consults the Great Zamboni from time to time, but he won’t admit it to anyone.

Today’s question for the Great Zamboni comes from Rock The Red reader Griswold00 who ponders: “With the Caps being the hottest ticket in town, how should I go about getting tickets to a game? For Cheap?!”


Trade your kidney for tickets? Find out after the jump!

<whirrs to life>”As the only team in Washington proving to be reliable in the standings and unfaltering at the gate with 48 consecutive sellouts, Capitals games are the place to see-and-be-seen. With TicketMaster selling out of tickets quickly for most games, and ticket exchange programs with exorbitant commission prices like StubHub financially out of reach – there is only one solution:

A round trip ticket to Fort Lauderdale, Florida via jetBlue is $74 – which is more inexpensive than 67% of the seating in the Verizon Center for a mid-week divisional game. You must also consider that the Panthers are in the bottom third in home attendance (78.9%), so with these free tickets you would be able to “self-service” upgrade to better seats to see the reigning MVP in style.”</whirring>


Brilliant! Aside from watching the game on your couch (where the beers are always the cheapest), or with us, this might be the best way to watch the Caps outside the District! And really, who needs an excuse to go to Florida? Again, if you have any questions or concerns you’d like to put before the Great Zamboni, email us… and if we use your question, we’ll mail you a sticker for free!