The Great Zamboni Ponders: Booze

Sometimes there is an enigma so deep that it overwhelms even the most knowledgeable Capitals hockey fan. And for these questions, we turn to the Great Zamboni – the power that has more answers than Google, and is more reliable than Dave Steckel in the face off circle (if that’s even possible). Even Chuck Norris consults the Great Zamboni from time to time, but he won’t admit it to anyone.

Today’s question for the Great Zamboni comes from Rock The Red reader 1-6Pack who ponders: “Zamboni- What beverage do you enjoy most while watching the Capitals?”


Learn more and see Locker’s crazy hat, after the jump!

<whirrs to life>The Great Zamboni prefers different beverages for different scenarios:

Caps on FSN Pittsburgh: The silver bag from the boxed wine on my head with the spout in my mouth.  Bag Relieves headache – spout provides nourishment;

Caps on CSN: Miller Lite – because playing the CSN drinking game with anything but a low ABV beverage will leave you down for the count by the first intermission, especially considering Locker and Joey B are aware of their power;

Caps on Versus: Red Bull & Vodka – Joe B without Locker means I need some other form of an upper and a downer mixed together

Caps on NBC: Since this is happens on Sunday’s and I’m from an incredibly Irish family that observes Sundays are drinking days it’s nothing short of Jameson chased down by Guiness;

At the Game: Whatever line is shortest to still be back in my seat by faceoff. </whirring>

There you have it – who’s thirsty? Be sure to tune in next week to find out what other knowledge GZ drops on us. Again, if you have any questions or concerns you’d like to put before the Great Zamboni, email us… and if we use your question, we’ll mail you a sticker for free! And as an added bonus, here’s a picture of Locker’s crazy hat we spoke of in our post-game from Neil Greenberg over at RMNB: