The 3 Montreal Canadiens we’d cross the street to punch

Now, before things get out of control, I must explicitly state that while we here at RtR are not the violent type, Game 7’s and videos like this tend to bring out an irrational side in us. That being said- based on this series this list could easily comprise of Montreal’s entire roster, but we chose to narrow down the list to the select three that would drive us to cross the street to express our true feelings if we so happened to see them walking around DC. Early contenders for the list included Tomas Plekanic for calling out Jose Theodore and potting Game 1’s GWG in overtime, Brian Gionta since he’s the smallest on the team at 5’7″ and 170 pounds (if you think we’d take on all 6’7″ 250 pounds of Hal Gill, you’re crazy.), and Scott Gomez – but it seems that Tom Poti took care of the low budget Vin Diesel lookalike already.

So read on, and share your thoughts, as we divulge whom among the Habs we’d like to make our personal pinata!

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3: Jaroslav Halak

– The Canadiens are 9-0 in games where Halak receives 45 or more shots, including twice this series
– Have a chance to sideline him for a while, so Carey Price would have to get back in net
– Perfect against the Capitals power play thus far, stopping all 44 shots he’s faced
– He looks like a grown-up version of Elroy from the Jetsons

2: Marc-Andre Bergeron

– No reason other than helping to even the score between him and Eric Belanger
– Hyphenated first names bother me, especially when it’s Marc-Andre. See exhibit B: Fleury, Marc-Andre 

1: Mike Cammalleri

– If our defense can’t stop him, maybe a haymaker would. He leads all Habs in goals (5), power play goals (2), assists (5), and points (10)- good for a point in every game of the series and goals in three straight games
– Dominating the face off circle, winning 60% of his draws this series. Maybe being lower to the ground is beneficial?
– Three times this series he’s had the first goal, and three times the Canadiens won

Honorable Mention: Maxim Lapierre – for his diving form that rivals Rodney Dangerfield’s in “Back to School”