Talking To Your Kids About 24/7

It’s a scene played out in every household with kids. Just home from school, a small child asks a parent what a certain bad word means. While the offending, eff-bomb dropping 8 year old sits at home playing his X-Box, some poor parent is left to explain the word to their own no-longer-innocent child. It’s like training for when the sex talk occurs.
Thanks to HBO’s excellent look at the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins, 24/7, an entire generation of Caps parents are left to have the same talk with their kids thanks to an eff-bomb dropping 55 year old teddy bear named Bruce Boudreau.
“Mommy, why is the coach beeping like WALL-E?”
“Uh… well… see…”
We at Rock the Red.net are here to help. Here are some helpful ideas for explaining Coach Boudreau’s locker room outburst to your little ones.

More, after we stop acting like prima donnas…


– “He’s not mad. Coach Boudreau was just quoting his favorite move, Slap Shot.”

– “HBO accidentally played the audio from ‘The Sopranos’ over Coach’s speech. He was actually talking about Santa Claus.”

– “The Russian players only understand a few English words, so Bruce likes to repeat the ones they know so they’ll feel included.”

– “Ah honey, Coach’s favorite game is Duck Hunt. He’s teaching the players his favorite call ‘Duck Duck come here Duck’”.

– “I’m pretty sure you heard wrong. Coach said ‘get your heads out of your hats.’ Yeah… hats…”

– “No, he just wants more fudge. Coach Bruce has a sweet tooth just like Mommy.”

– “I’m sure Karl Azlner’s parents are having the exact same conversation we are right now.”

– “Yes, it’s a bad word. But don’t worry… I’m sure Bruce’s mommy will be breaking out the Palmolive bar any minute now.”