Reaching into Rock the Red’s mailbag

Rock the Red loves hearing from its readers. Whether it’s submitting a question for the Great Zamboni or swapping stories, cheers, and beers at one of our viewing parties – we always welcome your thoughts (good or bad), pictures, stories, and other whatnot. Every once in a while we will compile the correspondance and share what we’ve received. Make the jump to see the cornucopia of today’s collection!
RTR’s own mosborn recently took a trip out west to Colorado and managed to leave our mark on a pool table at the fine drinking establishment The Schoolhouse in Duragno. I believe he now holds the record for the western-most picture submitted to our extras gallery!
Mos mentioned that they had a lifesize replica of the Stanley Cup.  While they wouldn’t allow him to drink out of it, he was able to nab a photo of it with one of our stickers! PS- anyone looking for an omen for your bracket this year, please note the Kansas State flag on the roof of the bar.
Our next submission comes from RTR reader capscapscaps, who snapped this picture of some of the crowd at our Blackhawks viewing party with Fight For Old DC:
Un mas, a submission to Puck Daddy’s Crosby Golden Roar contest by RocDRed. Nice kicks, Sid!
Lastly, as most should realize by now – Mos and I are huge fans of Capitals prospect Joe Finley. So when any story that even mentions Ol’ Lawnmower Joe comes up, we are barraged by emails. Check out this hit by University of North Dakota’s Matt Frattin, who massacred Minnesota’s Kevin Wehrs along the dasher board:
So why is this special, you ask? No, it’s not that we haven’t figured out how to center the video yet, it’s that Frattin was the Bonnie to Joe Finley’s Clyde last July when both were arrested for “throwing cups, plates, a kitchen table and a lawnmower onto a Grand Forks street” while intoxicated. Who says there’s nothing to do in North Dakota?
So if you have anything of interest, or just want to say hi.. throw us an email via the nifty “Contact” tab along the taskbar. We promise we’ll say hi back, as we’re nice people, but please try to keep it civil as Mosborn has sensitive eyes.