Quest for the Golden Razor!

On Friday, the Washington Capitals announced the second annual Beard-A-Thon, where fans have a chance to fully participate in one of hockey’s oldest traditions – the playoff beard. Caps fans are encouraged to grow a beard and take pledges, with all resulting money raised being donated to charity. While Mosborn, Wes and myself will be participating, we wanted to up the ante a bit more – and help to encourage fans to cultivate their own facial hair and participate. We envision an equal-opportunity contest, where any style of beard (or lack thereof) is welcome, and has an equal chance at the big prize.


Are your ears perked and eyebrows arched in excitement, anticipation, and intrigue? Read on to find out more.

Here are the basics:

1. You grow a playoff beard for charity. (Or for shiggles, but we’d prefer if you helped people).

2. You send us pictures of your awesome (and terrible) beards as often as life allows.

3. We post the pictures on the site.

4. You vote! Categories are, but not limited to: Best Beard, Worst Beard, Most Original, and Favorite Beard.

The winner of Favorite Beard will win…drumroll…the Golden Razor*! It’s currently the newest team-specific fan trophy available, and sure to become a valuable Caps collector’s item. Winners of the other categories will receive hot-off-the-presses (and equally-cool) Rock The Red stickers, and we’ll even ship your awards to you, because we’re nice guys.


Q: Are you serious?

A: We are as serious as Tom Poti on a Scarlet photo shoot.

Q: I want a sticker but I don’t want to grow a beard, or I’m a girl. What am I supposed to do?

A: For starters, if you can’t/won’t grow a beard, sponsor someone who is (may we suggest Wes Johnson). Other than that, follow us on Twitter and stay tuned here, of course.

Any more questions? Let us know, or comment below, and we’ll answer them.

*Actual trophy may appear even more badass and awesome in real life.