Much is being made this morning over a post-game conversation between friends Alex Ovechkin and Ilya Kovalchuk, or ‘Thatgate’. The friendly conversation, which many believe should never have occurred (or at least should not have included a jovial Ovechkin after the embarassing loss), resulted in laughter that interrupted Coach Boudreau’s post-game media Q&A session. While the conversation its self is drawing the ire of many fans and those in the media, there is one question left unasked:

Just were they talking about?

While the possibilities remain endless, we’ve come up with some ideas of what was said just before the Boudreau-interrupting laughter. Make the jump to read more.

  • “I guess Holtby is the starter now…”
  • “…and they approved the one for 15 years and $100 million!”
  • “Brodeur didn’t bruise his elbow playing hockey, if you know what I mean.”
  • “Ok, when I say so, laugh real hard. That’ll show him for playing me on the 3rd line.”
  • “Seriously, they go ‘woop woop woop’ every time he touches the puck!”
  • “Here comes Sasha Semin now. He looks steamed… I guess he found the Tigerbalm I put in his boxers.”
  • “… then Mike Green says “Ok, let’s go. But no punches, OK? We’re both too good looking to be hit, but I want people to know I’m so much more than a pretty face!”
  • “…And then they benched him for Rex Grossman!”
  •  “When John MacLean is fired, I’m lobbying for someone named Axel Foley.”
  • “I figure I can make up the $2M I lost from the first contract by investing in this great investment opportunity with Roenick.