Philadephia Flyers or Chicago Blackhawks: Caps Bloggers weigh in!

With the Philadelphia Flyers set to faceoff against the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2010 Stanley Cup Final on Saturday, several questions are on everyone’s mind. Will Michael Leighton’s Cinderella run be able to stand up to the Hawks’ Dustin Byfuglien, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Marian Hossa? Will Mike Richards’ abilities as a Captain be enough to lead his team to victory? How will with Flyers respond to digging back from a 3-0 game deficit to the Boston Bruins? Who has the greatest home ice advantage – the Wachovia Center or United Center?

All these are interesting, yes – but one matters most to us at Rock the Red: Who ya got??

Read on as we polled some friends, fellow bloggers, and co-workers to see where they stand. Weigh in with your thoughts in our comments section, and make sure you vote in our poll which has gently nestled itself along the right rail of our main page!

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Brett Leonhardt, Capitals Report: Chi-City in 6. Reason: Star Spangled banner is a better tune then God Bless America

JP, Japers Rink: Flyers in six, because the hockey gods apparently hate me. Of course that could mean Huet somehow leads the ‘Hawks to victory.

Corey Masisak, Capitals beat writer extraordinaire: Hawks in 5 – they’re a 120-125 point team in the East and if Niemi plays well they have no weaknesses.

Cheryl Nichols, Caps News Network: Chicago in 6. Because I hate the Flyers.

Penguins Fan that I work with: The Sharks? Wait, who’s in it? [Ed. Note: Can only name Sidney Crosby on their roster]

Angie, Crashing the Net: I have the Hawks in 5 or 6 games bc the Hawks are just that much better in terms of what they’ve shown

m.osborn, Rock the Red: Chicago. 6. They aren’t from Pennsylvania.

On Frozen Blog: Hawks in 4. just because.

Sean Leahy, Puck Daddy: Hawks in 6 … i think the Leighton magic carpet ride runs out

Marty, Bangin Panger: Hawks in 6; match em up side by side; Philly’s better at where? Agitator?

My Neighbor: Aren’t the Red Sox or the Phillies playing? [Ed. Note: He knows I support the Yankees and the Nationals]

Murf, HomerMcFanboy: I’ll bet you a six pack of choice on the Blackhawks. So I’ll go with Chicago in six. [Ed. Note: Bet accepted]

ThePeerless, Peerless Prognostigaor: CHI in 6. Deeper/faster/2 many weapons Philly hasn’t seen yet (MTL/NJD weak offenses – 14th/16th in G/G, not much net presence)

My Wife: Chicago. 6. Because the Flyers are improbably in the Stanley Cup to begin with – showing they know how to win when it counts – even if it ain’t pretty. Heart can only get you so far, at some point talent takes over. [Ed. Note: And she’s always right]

Ed Frankovic, WNST Baltimore: If I knew I’d take it to Vegas! Been wrong so much this spring. I give up.

My Manager: Philly. 4. Because I said so, and if you like your job – you’ll say so as well. [Ed. Note: He’s a Flyers fan]