Ooh, that’s my jam!

When Eric Fehr of the Washington Capitals put his team up 1-0 over Southeast Division rival Tampa Bay Lightning, the Verizon Center was able to hear a new post-goal song written by the Sandbox Kings as determined by a recent contest. In case you didn’t know to look (hear?) for it last night at the Phone Booth, or missed Elliot In The Morning’s debut of the song this morning, you can listen to it here. I support the franchise fully in reaching out to the fans to create a song that is original to the Caps, and I’ve always enjoyed celebration song that feature fan interaction (a la the New York Rangers), but I immediately wonder how the fans feel about the song, and what other alternatives might have been discussed behind closed doors.


Was Richmond’s finest a possible candidate? Read On!

After Elliot (in the Morning, not Yamin) debuted the song this morning, twitter was immediately a-tweet with reactions. Some loved it, while others started consulting Jobu for shutouts. A couple of fans decided that they weren’t loving it currently, but might after hearing while being surrounded by a sea of red. As previously stated, we are stoked that the Capitals reached out to their fanbase to generate an original song we will hear post-goal for the rest of the season.

That being said, the Washington DC area is a hotbed for musical talent. Home to greats of all genres, its fun to ponder which local talents would, could and (according to some) should have been consulted and tasked with such an important undertaking. As much as Wes would like to hear Richmond’s Lamb of God following a Knuble tip-in we’re sure that wouldn’t fly with some of the younger (or older) generation. Charlottesville’s Dave Matthews Band and Rockville’s O.A.R. are local favorites but lack the necessary oomph to match an already energized crowd. Local heroes-gone national-and back Jimmie’s Chicken Shack would have been an excellent choice, but I don’t know how much hockey Haha and the boys watch. I have no doubt that GWAR and Missy Elliot didn’t make it past the first round, nor did Reston’s Avail or Waldorf’s Good Charlotte. And as much as Mike Green was crushed, I’m not sure Wale did either. Maybe a trip down memory lane with Fugazi or Rare Essense would be best?

My suggestion if we were playing the hypothetical wish game? After listening to “Electric Worry” at deafaning decibles several times in my life, I would fully endorse Hagerstown’s own Clutch. That is, of course, after placing a call to former Alexandria resident Dave Grohl.

But I digress, and turn it over to you Capitals fans: What are your thoughts on the new post-goal song? Is it a motivating factor to lead us through June? Or will it fall from the rotation before playing Pittsburgh on the 24th? If Washington keeps lighting the lamp 4 and 5 times per contest, will you grow tired of the song? If you had your say, who would you contact to pen a song to be the pride of the Caps? Let us know in our newly-revamped comments section!