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Lester Averman from the Capitals fan blog The CAPS Lock, ready for action while sporting one of Rock the Red’s shirts! – Remember, all proceeds go to Jose Theodore’s Saves For Kids!


RocDRed sent us a picture of his ride, fully pimped out with sweet-ass license plate and Rock the Red sticker. See more of where Rock The Red has been over at our Extras page!

On a personal note, I headed up to the Dulles Town Center to meet goaltender extraordinaire Jose Theodore on Saturday. The place was a madhouse, with the line forming well before 3:30 to meet Theodore, Alex Semin, Alex Ovechkin, and Nick Backstrom, Mike “Muscle Milk” Green.

I ended up waiting for two and a half hours before getting my chance to talk to Theodore, and as I approached his table I decided to make the best of it:

Krafty: [Noticing Theodore’s head apparel] Nice hat! Are you a big fan of the New York Yankees?

Jose Theodore: Yeah! Watch all the time – but I have to hide it.

Krafty: Who’s the hardest person to face while on goal?

Theodore: [laughs] Ovechkin!

Krafty: Thanks for coming out and doing this, it’s always great to see the community involvement.

Theodore: It’s my pleasure, we have the greatest fans here in Washington.

And just as quickly as it started, I was asked to kindly “move along” as other people we waiting in line. Theodore was a great guy, and had some pretty awesome tattoos to boot.

UPDATE: Since the interest was growing regarding Theo’s tats, I was able to dig up this video:

Speaking of Washington goaltending, be sure to head over to the new fan blog to read up on Theodore, Semyon Varlamov, and Michal Neuvirth!

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