Mike Green has stinger, looks snazzy in his Winter Classic jersey

Consistent with early reports, Bruce Boudreau confirmed with the media today that defenseman Mike Green has a “stinger,” is still day-to-day, but “he’s not going to be playing [against the Nashville Predators].” So while you might not get the chance to ogle ol’ Game Over on the Caps’ road trip to Tennessee, you can take in these pictures of him sporting the Capitals’ 2011 Winter Classic sweater.

When the sweaters were revealed at the 2nd annual Capitals’ Convention, three former Captains (Yvon Labre, Rod Langway, and Alexander Ovechkin) had the privilege of donning the jerseys for the unveiling – and, to our knowledge, that was it. It’s good to see the other guys getting in on the fun.

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